Technical Information

General Information:  

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio of the starter is 4.44:1 which enables the starter to develop its unique torque values.


Bearings  vs.  Bushings:

The Hi-Torque starter is equipped with five (5) full roller bearings while the typical Lucas unit uses two (2) bushings to suspend the armature.  


Solenoid Design

The design of the Lucas solenoid is very susceptible to Hot Start Syndrome. The windings of the solenoid are encapsulated in steel. There is no means for the heat to dissipate. The solenoid of our Nippon Denso Hi-Torque Gear Reduction starter is encased in aluminum. Our solenoid is equipped with a vent hole. Every time it is engaged, it pushes (pulls) cooler air into the solenoid area thus virtually eliminating the Hot Start Syndrome.


Technical Data  


No load condition @ 11.5 volts  

Max current (amps) - 90 or less  

Minimum speed (rpm) - 3000 or more  


Load condition  

8.0 volts are minimum voltage requirements  

Torque - .65 kg-n  

Maximum current (amps) - 250 or less  

Minimum speed (rpm) - 1180 or more  


Lock test  

Voltage - 2.5v (at least 7:1 CR)  

Max current (amps) - 300 or less  

Minimum torque (kg - n) - .7 or more  



Voltages - 12v  

Output - 1kn  

Rating (seconds) - 30 seconds  

Torque rating - 535 ft. lbs  


NOTE: Torque rating is based on a 9 tooth pinion gear.


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